Post construction cleaning

With used material left behind most of the time and a dusty environment most likely present, we ensure our customer has a pleasant and clean environment after construction is done.

Carpet shampoo cleaning/carpet steam extraction cleaning

Cleaning dirty stained carpets is no problem to us, we possess the chemicals and carpet cleaning necessary machinery's which restore your carpets to its original look.

Resurfacing and restoration of heavily worn and scratched marble, Granite and terrazzo surface back to their original factory polish.

With our experience and equipment we are able to achieve the best possible result when cleaning restoring your marble floor, Granite and terrazzo surface back to their original factory polish.

General Commercial/Industrial office space and facilities’ cleaning

Industrial cleaning services could be a tasking job to fulfill not at cleanway we possess dedicated workers ensure our customers maintain a clean and conducive work environment.

Pest control and fumigation service

Our workers use environmental friendly fumigation chemicals when it comes to exterminating insects and rodents.

Waste collection and disposal

Having waste products and causing pollution is a bad look for the environment around you. With sophisticated trucks and hard working personnel, we deliver excellent service and strive to keep your environment clean at all times.

Sewage Dislodgement

Clearing of sewage might seem as a huge task and an unpleasant job to fulfill but at Cleanway we promote environment sustainability whilst controlling pollution.

Cleaning of external walls and glasses of high-rise buildings

Height is definitely no problem, we have expert personnel that specialize in the cleaning of sky scrappers with the best equipment one could offer.